Listen to what patients are saying about their care at Incline Chiropractic with Dr. Rodney Shoemaker.

After 30 years of multiple back surgeries, Gerry could still not feel his leg, until he received Spinal Decompress from Dr. Rodney Shoemaker.


Ruth’s  growth hormone supplement, Total GHR, testimonial: “I use to have trouble remembering things, especially people’s names. After taking Total GHR, I immediately saw improvement in my memory. My hair grows like crazy and my natural color has come back a little.”


Terry’s chiropractic visits with Dr. Rodney Shoemaker testimonial: “I have had neck and back pain for many years from lots of heavy lifting. Dr. Shoemaker has done wonders with my neck, eliminating all the pain and my back is so much better.”


Joani’s chiropractic visits with Dr. Rodney Shoemaker testimonial: “I use to have lots of trouble with my lower back and neck. He is so amazing and makes it possible for me to stay active, including kayaking around Lake Tahoe in 6 days. Thank you Dr. Shoemaker for making this possible.”


Sally’s Spinal Decompression Therapy, chiropractic and the massage chair testimonial: “For 14 years I had pain and numbness from the sciatic nerve. After several treatments on the decompression table, I was able to feel a part of my leg that had been numb for 14 years! Dr. Shoemaker has a whole variety of tricks in his bag. He has the spinal decompression table, ultra sound, muscle stimulation with heat, massage chair and an infrared sauna. Rodney cares about his patients and you feel like family.”


Allen’s  Spinal Decompression Therapy testimonial: “I am a general contractor and have had lots of back problems over the years. Recently I was starting to trip with one leg. After getting some decompression treatments, I have had incredible results. I am not tripping anymore and my back feels great. I am feeling loose and limber.”


Becky’s chiropractic visits with Dr. Rodney Shoemaker testimonial: “I had never been to a chiropractor. I had a pinched nerve in my back that enabled me from functioning. When I first came in I was limping. By my second visit, I was walking fine and by my third visit I was bouncing up the steps. I had a wonderful experience at Incline Chiropractic.”


Vince’s Spinal Decompression Therapy testimonial: “Before coming here I had 2 Doctors diagnose me with 2 herniated disks in my back and that I was a candidate for surgery. I was scared of that, so I choose to come see Dr. Rodney Shoemaker. After experiencing the spinal decompression table, my back pain went completely away and now I am back to doing things I use to do. I am enjoying life to its fullest capacity. My quality of life has improved tremendously. Coming to Dr. Shoemaker was the best decision I have ever made. I owe all my thanks and appreciation to Incline Chiropractic and Dr. Rodney Shoemaker.”


Clint’s chiropractic visits with Dr. Rodney Shoemaker testimonial: “I started as an infrequent patient, only coming in when my back was in pain. I got to a point where the pain and back were going out so often, not only did Dr. Rodney Shoemaker get me out of pain, he got me on a maintenance plan to keep my back strong. I lost 45 pounds and I am now active with my family. I get expert care and the beat treatment at Incline Chiropractic. I highly recommend coming in here and maintenance care. I come every 3 weeks and I have made tremendous improvements in my life.”


Nick’s chiropractic visits with Dr. Rodney Shoemaker testimonial: “I was initially in severe pain for about a month. After 2 office visits Dr. Rodney Shoemaker had me almost completely out of pain. I recommend him to all my friends and family.”

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