About Us

Established in 1981, Incline Chiropractic is one of the longest existing businesses in Incline Village, NV. and Dr. Rodney Shoemaker is Incline’s longest practicing chiropractor, having taken over the clinic in 2000.

“Practicing chiropractic is so rewarding, and we have the most wonderful patients,” says Dr. Shoemaker. The practice has really evolved to meet the needs of the community. The clinic has been in its current location since the end of 2007. Remodeling the building on Southwood Blvd. allowed for a floor plan that maximizes natural lighting and is quite efficient for patient care.

“I think what makes for such an amazing doctor/patient relationship, is that all my patients realize that I do what I do so that they can live a better life. A patient walking out feeling better than when they walked in, means the world to me. “

Being at Incline Chiropractic feels more like being with family than in a doctor’s office. The patients love Catrina, who is there to help them with questions and rescheduling. Plus, you will likely run into his wife, Dorea, and their two beautiful daughters… And if you’ve ever wondered about completely natural childbirth, feel free to ask Dorea… Both their daughters were born at home naturally, with a midwife.

Dr. Rodney says; “The best part of living in Lake Tahoe is that you can quickly and easily get outdoors. Getting into nature is so nourishing it’s like another food group. I typically tell my patients that getting out and enjoying our beautiful surroundings will enhance whatever therapy they are receiving from me immensely”.
We take pride in our clinic and the services that we provide.
Come see for yourself, we do our best to be efficient and effective with your care.


  1. Awesome website! You guys have done a wonderful job! I love the video of Rodney on youtube. Well done! I wish you much prosperity……you guys deserve it!

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