Restorative Yoga Therapy

Restorative Yoga is quite different from other forms of yoga. It doesn’t require extreme flexibility or athletic ability. Restorative Yoga is a prescribed relaxation method that teaches you how to deeply relax and achieve a core-release through a series of specific yoga asanas customized especially for you. These asanas are specifically designed to release deep-seated tensions and stress in the places you hold the most tension. These mindful asanas allow the mind and body to recover from traumas of past injuries and the stress and strain of current conditions.  Within a very short time these easy to learn, easy to do techniques  will bring you the freedom from many chronic aches and pains and allow you to have a more vibrant life.

Sessions are offered by Angelina Calafiore, CYT. Her unique vision of the body and how it relates to the mind are concepts that she uses in every Restorative Yoga session. A trained Bodyworker, Energy worker and Yoga therapist, Angelina brings a myriad of abilities, talents and skills to every session. She is compassionate and is dedicated to helping others. Her favorite saying is, “Suffering is optional, breathing isn’t!”

Session price is $80 for a one-hour session or visit her website for class schedule. You may call Angelina directly at 530.559.1839.

About Angelina

Angelina is an inspired and talented instructor and has been a Yoga teacher for over 12 years. She holds a Hatha Yoga Teacher’s certificate in the Svaroopaâ style with over 500 hours of in-depth training in over 160 yoga asanas, yoga philosophy, meditation, and anatomy. In addition to instructing Svaroopaâ Yoga she is also qualified to teach Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Children, Prenatal Yoga, Yoga for Seniors, Yoga for Amputees and Restorative Yoga.

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