About Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a drug-free, non-surgical method of treating or preventing disease, manual manipulation of the joints of the body, especially the spinal column. It is a science of applied neurophysiologic diagnosis based on the theory that health and disease are life processes related to the function of the nervous system. Irritation of the nervous system by mechanical, chemical, or physical factors is the cause of disease; restoration and maintenance of the health depend on normal function of the nervous system.

Chiropractors are primary health care professionals, whoes professional responsibility and authority are focused on the anatomy of the spine and immediate articulation, and the condition of the nervous system. Many chiropractors are the also trained in complementary felids, such as nutrition, rehabilitation, radiology and exercise. An important part of a Chiropractors practice is educating and advising his/her patients about achieving and maintaining health and well-being.

The Philosophy

As a profession, the primary belief is in natural and conservative methods of health care. Doctors of chiropractic have a deep respect for the human body’s ability to heal itself without the use of surgery or medication. We devote careful attention to the biomechanics, structure and function of the spine, its effects on the musculoskeletal and neurological systems, and the role played by the proper function of these systems in the preservation and restoration of health. A Doctor of chiropractic is one who is involved in the treatment and prevention of disease, as well as the promotion of public health, and a wellness approach to patient healthcare.

The Science

Chiropractic is based on the scientific fact that the central nervous system, your brain and spinal cord, controls the function of every cell, tissue, organ and system of your body. The spine surrounds and protects the spinal cord and permits space between each vertebrae for spinal nerves to exit the cord and travel to their designated target tissue. Due to the close proximity of the vertebrae, spinal cord and spinal nerves—any abnormal change in the spine’s natural curvatures, segmental joints or discs can interfere with the nervous system’s ability to receive or transmit information to the rest of the body.

The Art

The development and application of a customized treatment plan requires a chiropractic doctor to consider all of the elements in a person’s life and the level of impact it places on their current state of health. Treatment is often designed to address the entire spine, extremities and soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia) in order to restore normal neurological feedback and local control of muscles and joints. Everyone’s body is unique and requires a different level of force, direction and depth as an adjustment is performed. An adjustment describes many hundreds of ways and techniques of directed and controlled pressure to restore spinal segments to a more normal position and range of motion, aiding in increased flexibility, increased immunological function and increased life energy. Chiropractic is truly an art.

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