The below services will work to help eliminate pain, and bring your body back to balance:

  • Chiropractic – this keeps your body aligned and balanced. Chiropractic adjustments are a quick and painless correction to the spine. The adjustment restores movement to the joints and relieves pressure from the nerves. This process allows the nerves to better communicate with the body. The doctor can utilize both non-force, and/or a traditional adjustment. We can bill most insurance companies, or patients can get our cash discount for $50 per treatment.

  • Spinal Decompression Therapy – this unloads the pressure from the joints and discs in the spine. Decompression therapy targets pain and pinched nerves in the neck and low back. For more information on spinal decompression click here.
  • Stress & Allergy Relief –  Find out what is stressing your body to help bring it back to balance. Each visit will work on desensitizing, boosting the immune system and opening up your detoxification pathways. All of this allows your body to heal and work optimally, so you can enjoy life more.
  • Clinical Nutrition – Nutritional therapy helps to promote and strengthen organ and tissue function to restore health and vitality. We use pharmaceutical grade supplements with the highest level of quality.
  • Therapies – we use ultra sound to speeds healing, reduce inflammation and increase circulation, plus EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) to help loosen tight achy muscles.
  • Human Touch Massage Chair – allows are patients to relax some tight areas in their backs and neck.
  • Bio-Cleanse – is a 30 minute detoxification that can rid the body of impurities like heavy metals and uric acid build up.
  • Inversion Table and Cervical Traction – helps relieve the pressure of gravity on our vertebrae.

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