Dr Rodney Shoemaker uses Professional supplements that are 3rd party laboratory tested, so his patients experience optimal health. Dr Shoemaker can help patients pinpoint want they need with questionnaires and/or muscle testing.

Below are the main companies sold at Incline Chiropractic.

Nutri-West is a nutrition supplement company whose sole focus is helping healthcare professionals optimize the well-being of their patients. You can learn more about Nurti-West by clicking here.

For almost 20 years now Metagenics, Inc. has been committed to providing high quality, innovative nutritional supplements at the best possible value. We invite you to take a look and see what Metagenics can do for you.

We are a distributor for the #1 supplier of massage chairs in the U.S. Human Touch has been making people feel better for over twenty years by developing stat-of-the-art massage chairs and other health products. We can order you any chair they make. Visit their website for more information by clicking here.

Since, Incline Chiropractic strives to find the best products to help heal our patients and improve their lives, we also carry other products. If you have questions about a specific ailment or need some more guidance, please contact us at or call (775) 831-5544. We can arrange for phone consultations if needed.


  1. Do you still have that foot bath that brings out all the toxins? My son has chronic dermatosis of some sort doctors can’t figure out. He thinks it’s yeast.

    • Yes, we still have the Ion Cleanse. In addition, we also have a cold laser treatment for yeast.

  2. hello im from california and wanted to know how much you guys sell your ULTIMATE GOLD capsules for cholesterol? and i you would ship them out if I order them

    • Hi Marisol,

      I apologize, but we recently stopped selling that product. If you drop by the office, we are happy to show you the variety of natural supplements that we still have available!
      Incline Chiropractic

      • no problem do you happen to know where i can find those specific capsules online?

  3. I do not, I apologize. Good luck in your search!

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