Facts about the Cold and Flu, Medical Alert on Tylenol, and Should you buy organic?

October 2010

Research showing that Chiropractic Lowers High Blood Pressure, Alert on Toxic Fish OIl Supplements, Food Is Medicine

May 2010

Medicare Patients Give Chiropractic High Marks, The Best Cholesterol Lowering Supplement, TENS units, and What is in Your Soy Sauce?

April 2010

Patients Neck Pain gone with Chiropractic, Ultimate Joint Repair, Heart Healthy Diet, and Milk Alternative.

March 2010

Patient regains feeling in her leg after 14 years of numbness, Total Veggie the anti-cancer supplement, and compression socks.

February 2010

Incline avoids back surgery from SDT, Sunshine Vit. D, and Dry Skin Brushing.

December 2010

Chiropractic helps 5-year-old Sarah become seizure free, Total Virx, and Beautiful Skin From Within.

November 2009

Discover Spinal Decompression Therapy (SDT), oxygen therapy, and restorative yoga therapy.

June 2009

Is Spinal Decompression Therapy (SDT) right for you, and FAQ.


  1. thanks Dr. Rodney for helping me with this pain, today, I feel good, of course I just saw you (Tuesday) & Iam @ work with little pain, see ya Friday, Barb Thomas

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