What’s in Your Energy Diet

For the purposes of this article, an energy diet refers to everything that we feed to our bodies and minds. Our energy diets consist of all types of energy that we allow into our lives. Of coarse, diet is a major part of what we feed ourselves. However, because what we eat is such an obvious part of our energy diet, we will focus on everything peripheral to our food diet.

What is left after eliminating what we eat? How about everything that we feed our minds? Watching TV, listening to the radio, pending time on the computer, reading books, magazines and newspaper articles influences what we think.

Our energy diets are important because what we consume reflects how we feel about ourselves and view the world. Do you begin your day with a strong dose of the war on Iraq or tranquil music? Is breakfast shared with the comic section of the newspaper or something more horrifying? What type of radio program do you listen to? Is it talk radio with one person verbally assaulting another or do you listen to music that has an uplifting effect upon you? What type of TV shows or movies do you allow into your life?

All of this adds up! We may not realize that how we spend our time can create positive and constructive energy or negative and destructive energy. If you are looking to be happier in your life than you are now, your energy diet is a profound place to begin change. Filling your head with news of devastation and human suffering may not be the best way to start or to end your day. Changing your energy diet doesn’t take any more time or energy than allowing junk into your life. Nourish yourself with something
positive. Take a moment to ask yourself if a current activity is going to help you feel good or better than you have been feeling. If the answer is “no”, then change your focus to something that will.

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