Toxic Fish Oil Alert: Lawsuit claims PCB’s found in 10 fish oil supplements

People buying certain fish oil supplements are ingesting chemicals banned in 1979 due to risk of birth defects and cancer.

Some of the tested supplements exceed California’s daily limit for PCBs (a chemical used in plastics to last a long time without breaking down) by a factor of 10 in terms of the cancer risk.

Fish oils sold under the Twinlab, Nature Made, Now Foods, GNC, Solgar and Rainbow Light labels tested positive for dangerous levels of PCBs.

Note from Dr. Shoemaker:  I believe that it is important to have trust and accountability with the companies we purchase our nutritional supplements from.   It is my priority to know who is making the supplements, where the ingredients come from and how they are processed.   This is why I went to where Metagenics manufactures its supplements in Gig Harbor, Washington.  I met the PhD’s and the researchers.  I saw supplements being packaged, production rooms being cleaned and the receiving area for the raw ingredients.  I feel that Metagenics sets the standard and the burden of proof lies with the other supplement companies.

Fish oils cost the same in raw form.  The level of purification determines consumer cost.  The purification process is expensive.  So, the more pure the fish oil, the more costly it is.  Metagenics tests PCBs to the parts-per-trillion. What levels are your fish oils purified to?

My family takes the same supplements that I offer to you.


  1. I have been taking the Nature Made Fish Oil Supplements for four years. This news upsets me.

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