Protect Our Food Chain From GMO

This article reviews important information about what we are eating. Some people give more thought to what we choose to eat than others, but these decisions affect us all.

Genetically modified foods are on the rise. Just the name alone should raise eyebrows and concern. Why are scientists cutting, splicing, deleting and otherwise tampering with our food supply? They are striving for plants that withstand Mother Nature better than their non-modified siblings. At first glance it may seem like a bright idea, but after closer inspection it raises strong concerns.

Tampering with genes to make something better than what Mother Nature created is dangerous thinking. If the laws of nature were flawed, then we would have never made it this far. I definitely trust nature over some shortsighted scientists turning a profit over playing with our food supply.

Human DNA and chimpanzee DNA are ninety-nine percent identical. But look at how profound that one percent difference is. The point is that it doesn’t take much manipulation to create huge changes. Furthermore, once DNA has been changed, it isn’t changing back. The two most modified crops in America are corn and soy. These are two products peaking in use. Corn is found in many products on our grocery store shelves, including corn syrup. Soy is very popular today and it is extremely modified.

One practice that some corporate giants engage in is planting a “test crop” upwind from the non-modified crops. This practice creates cross-pollination of the modified DNA with the natural DNA thus creating modified crops throughout. This practice is unfair because it accelerates the spread of genetically modified foods. It’s like a mad science experiment. It is so new that we don’t know the full ramifications of manipulating what it has taken nature thousands of years to create.

How and where we spend our money sends a clear message to businesses and they listen. I urge you not to purchase genetically modified foods and vote with how you spend your money. Let our state and federal government know that we are concerned about our food supply and we prefer that our food isn’t tainted. What is good for big business isn’t necessarily good for everybody.

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