Protect and Improve Your Brain Function

The best way to protect and improve brain function is to have adequate supplies of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet.  Sixty percent of the dry weight of our brain is fat, and much is his fat is DHA.  DHA is one of the main ingredients in omega-3 fatty acids.  Our bodies use omega-3 fatty acids from cold-water fish the best.  DHA plays a critical role is nerve conduction, energy production and eye function and development.  Pregnant and nursing mothers and children supplementing with fish oils may have an easier time learning and tend to have stronger eye function.

Population studies point out the fact that people who live in countries with high fish consumption (such as Japan) have lower rates of heart disease and depression than countries where fish consumption is less.  The amount of fish in the American diet has steadily decreased over the past century.  It is estimated that our current consumption of fish is five percent of what it was 100 years ago.  During that same time period, our consumption of pro-inflammatory oils coming from corn and vegetable oils has dramatically increased.  Farm-raised fish do not provide anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids, only wild fish provide these benefits.

Attention deficit disorder (ADD) affects three to five percent of American children.  Alzheimer’s disease is steadily increasing as the baby boomers age and live longer.  By raising our levels of anti-inflammatory fatty acids we should be able to lower our risk of developing brain related disorders due to inflammation in the brain.  Inflammation in the brain is silent because the brain does not have pain receptors.  Yet, the brain is very sensitive to the chemical changes associated with inflammation.

Fish oils pass the blood-brain barrier and can be safely taken, in high enough doses to combat inflammation in our bodies and brain.  Behavioral disorders associated with brain function, such as, ADD and Alzheimer’s disease may be prevented or reversed with adequate fish oil consumption.  Purified fish oils are affordable and readily available at health food stores and physician’s offices.

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