Preventing Heart Disease With Fish Oils

Heart disease is the number one killer in industrialized nations. It is referred to as the “silent killer” because there are no warning sings before a heart attack or stroke occurs. Frequently, the first warning sign of heart disease is a heart attack or stroke. Fifty percent of those that have a heart attack survive. For the other fifty percent the heart attack proves fatal.

Substantial evidence indicates that consumption of omega three fatty acids reduces the risk of heart disease, particularly the risk of a fatal heart attack or stroke. These beneficial fatty acids are termed essential because the human body cannot produce them and must be consumed in the diet.

An active ingredient in fish oils is EPA. EPA is important because it reduces inflammation throughout the body and prevents the blood cells from sticking together. Fish oils also reduce heart rate, improve blood vessel tone, reduce tightening of the arteries, improve heart function, strengthen cell wall integrity, reduce triglycerides and improve blood sugar levels by increasing insulin sensitivity.

As you can see, fish oils accomplish what aspirin and other blood thinning medications do. However, fish oils provide much more benefit to your body and heart than does aspirin or other blood thinning medications. Fish oils are natural and do not have any known side effects. Regular consumption of wild (not farm raised) fatty fish or fish oil capsules is necessary to receive the potential life-saving benefits. To prevent heart disease, heart attacks and strokes, take fish oils daily.

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