Prevent Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Heart Disease

What would the world say if a drug came out that could prevent the risk of these life-crippling diseases? What if the only side effects were reducing arthritis pain, the risk of a heart attack or stroke, promoting silky smooth skin and an optimized healthy brain and eye development? You wouldn’t see it advertised on TV because it would sell itself. Wouldn’t every doctor want his or her patients to implement it into a health regimen? Furthermore, what if this miracle drug cost less than a dollar a day and could be purchased over-the-counter?

Wow, sign me up! The great news is that this does exist. Not only does it exist, but also every over-the-counter health related magazine and professional journal has had articles in them about this wonder product all year. We are talking about essential fatty acids from cold-water fish. That’s right! The cod liver oil that we’ve all heard about and that some of you took as a child is back. It is back with a vengeance.

It works because it is anti-inflammatory. Fish oils reduce the amount of inflammation produced in the body. Cancer, Alzheimer’s and heart disease all have an inflammatory component to them. Take away the inflammation and the chance of getting any one of these diseases is greatly reduced. Because essential fatty acids are blood thinners it eliminates the need for aspirin, Coumadin and other blood thinning drugs. It also reduces the need for anti-inflammatory drugs, such as, Celebrex and Bextra, because the pain is reduced along with the inflammation. Not only all this, but it also produces silky smooth skin as one of its side effects. What a powerful addition to a healthy lifestyle.

A few words are necessary about choosing the best and safest fish oils. First, they must be pharmaceutical grade and molecularly distilled. This means that they are pure and without impurities such as mercury, PCB’s, Dioxins and Furans. The most reputable oils are also rigorously and independently tested. Essential fatty acids are also extremely important (read necessary) for optimal brain and eye development in children because our brains and eyes are eighty percent fat. Fish oils do not go into fat cells or make you fat! They are easily accessible, affordable and available at select health care professionals. The fish oils sold at Costco and other grocery stores do not pass these basic scrutiny tests. These oils may be found at select health care professionals and health food stores nationally.

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