Natural Thyroid Support

The thyroid gland is located in the front of the neck, just below the Adam‘s apple. Every cell in the body depends on thyroid hormones for regulation of metabolism. It is the key gland that furnishes energy to your body. Its function is dependant on a balance of nutrients and trace minerals.

Most of us are less than excited to learn that we may need to take a drug or medication for the rest of our lives. The medical model for thyroid treatment involves a prescription medication of synthetic thyroid hormone with blood work to monitor blood concentrations of the medication. Natural alternatives seek to stimulate the thyroid and to treat the cause of the imbalance.

Our hormones are regulated by a feedback loop. This means that there is a mechanism inside the brain, which acts like a thermostat. When hormone concentrations fall below a certain threshold, then more of that hormone is produced. The opposite is also true, when hormone levels reach a certain ceiling, then production is temporarily halted.

Relying on a hormone from outside the body may have a weakening effect on the thyroid gland. For example, regular testosterone administration will shrink the testes. Without adequate stimulation, our body parts shrink and weaken. The same thing happens when an arm has been in a cast for an extended period of time. The body needs a certain level of demand to remain strong and healthy.

In order to produce thyroid hormones, the body needs plenty of minerals, especially iodine. As the growing population moved inland and away from the mineral-rich ocean, many people became iodine deficient and developed a goiter. It is at this time that the iodization of salt became mainstream.

There are a number of treatments to naturally boost thyroid hormone production. First, limit thyroid-suppressing foods. These foods are: raw broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale and mustard greens. Secondly, thyroid specific supplements contain iodine, trace minerals, vitamin A and other synergistic factors, which replenish mineral reserves and provide thyroid-boosting nutrients.

Stress suppresses thyroid function. If you’ve been under a lot of stress, there is a strong likelihood that stress may be slowing your thyroid. Slowing your life down will allow your body to rejuvenate itself. Restricting junk food, alcohol and caffeine will also go a long way in balancing thyroid function. As you can see, there are natural alternatives to treating an under-active thyroid.

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