Maximize Growth Hormone Release

Aging is partly caused by the deterioration of our cells’ ability to reproduce themselves. Cells die and replace themselves in normal and youthful ways. Then, our millions of cells begin to deteriorate and grow old and we grow old with them. Studies on aging have found that cells can be rejuvenated if provided with proper nourishment through nutritional support.

After our teenage years, growth hormone (GH) levels decline at about fourteen percent per decade. By fifty years of age, GH production reduces dramatically. Cell replacement, tissue repair, healing, organ health, bone strength, brain function, enzyme production, the health of hair, nails and skin all require adequate amounts of GH. By supplementing your diet with the amino acids and vitamins that stimulate the release of GH, production can be brought to younger levels.

GH plays a key role in muscle growth, helps burn fat into energy, resistance to disease and strengthens connective tissue. GH also enhances well-being, increases ability to exercise, boosts energy levels, improves memory and mental alertness, stimulates new hair growth, strengthens the immune system and enhances libido.

Don’t be convinced that feeling old, painful and sick are inevitable parts of healthy aging. Looking younger, feeling younger, enjoying work and play may be just as possible above sixty years of age as they were at thirty. By making healthy changes in diet, in nutritional supplementation, in exercise and lifestyle you have the power to stimulate GH production.

Most GH stimulants have a combination of nutrients to support the release of human growth hormone. It is, also, important to keep blood sugar levels normal and to get sound sleep so that GH release is optimized. In addition, powerful antioxidants should be used to help prevent excess free-radical damage. The most powerful GH stimulants are a little on the pricey side, but are cheap compared to the alternative.

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