Facts About the Cold and Flu

Both the cold and flu are caused by viruses and considered upper respiratory infections.  Colds are caused by the rhinovirus.  The influenza virus causes the flu. Break the word rhino-virus down and you get rhino and virus.  Rhino means nose, so colds infect your nose and throat.

On average, we get two colds per year.  There are well over two hundred different rhinoviruses. Your immune system remembers every infection you’ve had and you will never get the same rhinovirus twice.

Chronic stress slows down your immune system and we are much more likely to get infected when we are run down. Exercise helps reduce the likelihood of an infection by circulating white blood cells around the body.

Three or four influenza viruses make their rounds per cold and flu season.  Influenza vaccination manufacturers look to the southern hemisphere for predictions.  The strain of influenza viruses active in the southern hemisphere’s cold and flu season may also travel north for our cold and flu season.  This way the manufacturers have a better chance of using the right viruses for the vaccine.  Viruses mutate rapidly, which is why it is difficult to make an effective vaccine for the cold virus.

Cold and flu viruses enter our own cells.  Once in our cells they trick our own cells DNA into making virus DNA.  Because the viruses go inside our cells, medicine, such as, anti-biotics don’t help.  Anti-biotics do not travel into our cells, nor do bacteria because they are so large, viruses are tiny.

Having a fever helps your body in two ways.  First, the increase in temperature may kill some of the bugs.  Secondly, white blood cell activity doubles with every degree increase. The increase in temperature helps circulate the white blood cells to kill the invaders through direct contact and in addition helps speeds up the communication between white blood cells.  As white blood cells pass one another they communicate information to what they are fighting and where the battle is being waged.  So, if you have a fever of 100.6 degrees (98.6 degrees is normal) your white blood cells are moving around four times their average rate!

Dr, Shoemaker says:  Your best offense is a good defense.  Getting adjusted boosts the immune system by reducing the sympathetic stress coming from the spine.  Total Virx is a product that I recommend because it is made of high quality anti-viral and immune supporting herbs. A good prevention is washing hands frequently and/ or using hand sanitizer. Put hand sanitizer in your car, purse, and have on hand for parties.

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