Chiropractic is a Modern Day Health Alternative

Chiropractic is the most popular form of healthcare outside of western medicine in the United States.  One out of ten Americans are treated by a chiropractor each year.  Chiropractic, as we know it, is over one hundred years old.  However, bone setting and manipulation of the spine has been around since ancient Egypt.

Almost everyone associates chiropractors with treating back pain just like we associate tooth pain to the dentist.  This association is well deserved.  Doctors of Chiropractic are back specialists and have a success rate of alleviating back pain and restoring spinal function well over ninety percent.

Chiropractic care goes deeper than treating bad backs and pain.  Hard wired into our bodies are the nerves between the brain, skin, muscles and organs.  The spine supports and protects the nerves, allowing safe passage for the energy and corresponding message encoded in the nerve impulse. A chiropractic adjustment is a structural correction to the spine which relieves nerve pressure allowing the information to freely flow from the brain to the rest of the body. So in essence, an adjustment not only treats the back, but also has a positive affect on the entire body.

Coincidentally, a strong and flexible spine is the best way to assure that the nerve impulses transmit unimpeded.  The minimum requirement for a healthy body is a nervous system in harmony and therefore, a healthy back.  This is why many people who receive chiropractic care report other parts of their bodies feeling better.  Health issues such as, headaches, stomach pain, asthma, dizziness, arm and leg pain improve or disappear altogether.  Although chiropractic is mechanical in nature, the results can be magical.  Consistent chiropractic care can restore spinal function and cultivate a healthy spine and therefore a healthy body.

Dr. Rodney Shoemaker
“Peace begins with a smile”  Mother Teresa.

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