Case History of Pinched Nerve

19 year old female, home for christmas break, presented to the office complaining of right shoulder, wrist and arm pain, tingling into her right hand and painful trigger points in the muscles of her right upper back for six months.  She also has had headaches for one year.

She reported having been in two minor rear-end collisions four years ago.  No other significant injuries.

This patient’s local medical doctor ordered a CT scan and MRI of her brain to find the cause of her headaches.  The CT and MRI results were normal.

This patient saw a chiropractor at college twice, which reduced her headache frequency from daily to weekly.

She said that the right shoulder pain and right hand numbness have not improved and prevent her from falling asleep.  Advil and Aleve help temporarily.

Diagnosis:  This young female patient has a pinched nerve in her lower right neck.  She is feeling pain, tingling and numbness along the coarse of the nerve as it exits her lower neck and descends to her fingers.  The trigger points occur at the nerve endings in the muscle.  Her current condition stems from the minor rear end collisions four years ago.

Treatment:  She was treated seven times in three weeks while she was home on Christmas break from college.  She received spinal adjustments to correct the injury to her upper back and lower neck.  She received neck traction to relieve the pressure from the pinched nerve and electrical muscle stimulation to treat the trigger points in the muscle of her upper right back and shoulder.

She felt 90% better by her sixth visit.

Dr. Shoemaker says that this case demonstrates how seemingly minor injuries affect our bodies years later.  This patient had a very positive outcome but her care must continue to fully heal.

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