Anti-Inflammatory Enzymes vs NSAIDS

Anti-inflammatory use from NSAIDS (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) is increasing, along with their risks, and health concerns. NSAIDS works by slowing or stopping certain chemical messengers. These chemical messengers play different and critical roles in the healing process. One chemical messenger is responsible for pain and inflammation, which is why an anti-inflammatory works. The other types promote healing by cleaning and clearing old and damaged tissue in order to make room for new and healthy cells. It is the slowing of these chemical messengers that may slow the healing process.

If you are on NSAIDS, then you are already aware of the side effects. These side effects include stomach irritation, kidney stress, liver damage, and stress to the joints, immune system, heart, blood vessels and the brain. Results of these side effects may include heart attacks, strokes, food allergies, headaches, illness and free radical damage. This accelerates the aging
process, including that of the joints.

Remember that your physician’s goal is to have you living in a healthy state. That includes achieving a level of health that does not include medications. There is a time and place for everything including NSAIDS. If you find yourself requiring anti-inflammatory therapy via NSAIDS, then it is suggested that the course of treatment be short and limited. The following is a list of healthy alternatives, which may shorten the course or replace your NSAIDS.

Enzyme therapy speeds the healing process by accelerating the rate at which the body cleans and repairs injured cells which leads to the replacement of new and healthy tissue. These enzymes are called proteolytic enzymes and they are anti-inflammatory by nature. Herbal anti-inflammatories such as, boswellia, tumeric, ginger, quercitin and bioflavanoids are used to reduce the inflammation cascade. Less swelling means faster healing and less pain.

Studies show that fatty acids can reduce inflammation almost completely when taken on a regular basis. Fatty acids reduce the chemical messengers, which create pain and inflammation, but do not slow the healing process. Fatty acids are like miracles to some people. They provide everything you want and nothing you don’t. The most effective fatty acids are found in fish oils. Allow four weeks for concentrations to build up. They must be taken on a regular basis for the full benefit.

These natural healthcare alternatives are naturally without side effects.

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