1. Dr Shoemaker has taken care of our family for years now. He has seen me through 2 great pregnancies and has continued to offer our family the very best in natural health and chiropractic wellness. Dr Shoemaker has consistently offered the “a-ha” to caring for certain ailments for us. After I delivered my second child, my thyroid was off and after taking the advice of Dr Shoemaker, I took the non-prescription road and went with Thyrosol, a blend of vitamins aimed to naturally balance the thyroid. It worked beautifully. There was another incident where I had been battling a sinus infection for weeks and was about to start (reluctantly)my 3rd round of antibiotics. After speaking to Dr Shoemaker about how uncomfortable I had been, he suggested Tong-Bi, a natural, Chinese medicine that focuses on sinus health. It worked as of that night and therefore did not start the next antibiotic. These are just 2 examples of how Dr Shoemaker has a title of Chiropractor, but also is a doctor who listens and treats his patients with genuine care. His knowledge of his field and beyond is a huge asset to his patients and our community. Our family sincerely appreciates the positive influence and affect Dr Shoemaker has had.

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